Professional tree service and stump removal since 2008
Reasons to call StumpGrinders:
  • Stumps are ugly
  •  Your HOA and your neighbor wants you to
  •  You are tired of mowing around it
  •  Putting a plant on top of a stump doesn't make it decorative
 Rental grinders are usually poorly maintained and expensive. Your time is valuable, and you should go with a company that is fast and efficient. My machine is designed to fit through any standard 36" walkthrough gate and the pneumatic tires won't damage your yard. Whether you have one stump in the flowerbed by the pool, or multiple stumps over a large area, I've got you covered. Drilling holes, pouring poison, burning them out, none of these works well or quickly. Many homeowners  contact me to grind their stumps after trying these methods.  Call 832-419-0724 and get rid of that unsightly stump now. The service I provide is always on the level and your satisfaction is my priority. Thanks for visiting this site!